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Вулканчик Eyjafjallajökull

снято на 5dMkII
использовалась моторизированная площадка

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wow! фантастическое видео!

красиво, конечно.. но зачем на фотик снимать такие вещи - не понимаю
видео в фото и фото в видеооборудовании это фигня)

— It allows the use of a wide range of lenses (anything that can be adapted to the EF mount).
— The 35mm full-frame sensor is larger than the RED ONE's sensor, Super 35 film. It is approximately the size of VistaVision. This means shallower native depth-of-field than anything on the market, except for the Phantom 65.
— The dynamic range and latitude are close to the capabilities of high-end HD cameras.
— The low-light performance is currently unrivaled, even by the RED ONE.

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